3Hand Studios is an independent Animation Studio, that excels in stop motion and 2D animation. Run by local Artist, Producer, Director and Animator David Pennay. David is experienced in all aspects of producing and animating, from hands on set building and model sculpting, to the legal requirements and copyright laws that any client would require. David also is keeps his art based roots in the community by running animation classes and holiday programs for young children at Footscray Community Arts Center and lecturing at RMIT University.




Have been busy working with NAILSMA, on a stop-motion animation for the top end on traditional burning and carbon mitigation, This animation will be in Creole and Aboriginal english and is for Traditional Owners in remote communities.

Worked in conjunction with FCAC and the Western Bulldogs, Fresh program to help teenagers create 3 stopmotion animations.


Created Ready for REDD+ another multi lingual animation for Live and Learn, In Solomon Pidgin, Fijian, Bislama and english


Nov 2011 -

3Hand Studios have been very busy, David has just finished an Artist In Schools Project in conjunction with Arts Victoria and Croydon Hills Primary School. The project was a success creating 3 (Eco-mations) stop motion animations with the year 5 students. Also congratulations to Davids students at Footscray Community Arts Centre for becoming finalist in ACMI Screen It contest from 499 entries.

Presently we are excited to be involved in creating a stop motion animation on climate change and carbon mitigation for Live and Learn Environmental Education. This animation will be produced in 4 languages for the south pacific area, these animations will be the first of there kind, this is exciting as no animations have been created using local dialects before.

Aug 2011 -

3Hand Studios is pleased to announce that the sets, characters and props, from Remembering Bonegilla are now on permeant display, onsite at Block 19, Bonegilla.

May 2011 -

Remembering Bonegilla to be screened as part of Melbourne International Animation Festival 19-26 June at ACMI.



3Hand Studios is very excited to announce the recent release of 'REMEMBERING BONEGILLA' which was a collaborative project with, Albury city, Australian Government, Albury Wodonga Park lands and City of Wodonga. It will be on display at Bonegilla Migrant Experience from September 24th 2010.

'REMEMBERING BONEGILLA ' is a short film created to look at life in the Bonegilla Migrant Reception and Training Centre though the eyes of three different fictional characters